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Our Guide: Ring Size and Sizing

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Sizing and Re-sizing Explained

This blog is all about ring size, sizing technique and answering some commonly asked questions about the process. 

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Ring Sizing

Fingers are proportional to a persons build, generally speaking women’s fingers are slender and smaller than a mans. In the UK we use a letter chart measuring from A to Z+6 to categorise ring size. Each letter has an allocated diameter and circumference which correlates to the inside of the ring.

How to find your measurement

  • Ring Sizer
    • Contact the jeweller you are purchasing the ring from and ask for them to send a Multisizer in the post or to send you a printable template document. Once received they are super easy to use just place it around your chosen finger like a belt, keeping your knuckle size in mind.
  • Tailor Tape
    • Use a tailoring tape to measure the circumference of your desired finger. Wrap the tape around the base of the finger and read off where the tape overlaps in mm. Remember to allow leeway for the tape to fit over your knuckles.
    • Send the measurement to your chosen jeweller. The jeweller will use the measurement to assign a letter from A to Z+6.
  • String
    • If tailors tape is not available repeat the same process with a piece of string. Pinch the string where it overlaps, remove it from your finger, pull it straight and line it up against a ruler or tape measure. Note down the measurement in mm and send it off to a jeweller.
  • Borrow
    • Take a ring you own that fits the desired finger to your jeweller or send it in the post. This will be used as a guide to size the new ring. This is often the most accurate practice that jewellers prefer.


Difference between UK, US and EU sizes

Much like clothing, ring sizes are classified differently in the United States and European Union. If you are purchasing internationally then you may need to translate the ring size. It is difficult to be 100% accurate with comparisons, however as a rough guide we have created a table for you.

Thinking about proposing? Find your partners ring size.

Don’t know your partners ring size? No need to panic! It is about the gesture of the ring and what that symbolises, not the size.

It may sound ridiculous but guessing a partners ring size is never too far off. Petite hands will make for a smaller size; say size M for a man or size H/I for a woman. As follows, the larger the build of the person the larger the ring will be.

If the idea of guessing terrifies you, try using your finger as an example. If your partner has a ring that already fits the desired finger, take it away and put it onto one of your own. Mark with a pen where the ring gets lodged on your finger, then take the ring off. Measure your finger around the mark yourself or take it to the jeweller from whom you are purchasing a ring, and they will measure it for you.

Not pushed for time? but still want the ring to be a surprise? By all means purchase the desired ring and tell the jeweller that it may need to be resized. The right jeweller will let you bring a ring back after proposal with the correct measurement in mind. However, there are some rings that cannot be resized, your jeweller will always inform you if a ring is non-resizable, so make sure you double check and ask before purchase.


Resizing historically, had many size techniques have been used to adjust rings to new owners or to changing body shapes. At Chique To Antique (C2A) we use traditional techniques to size a ring up or down.

To reduce the size of a ring, a section of the shank is cut and removed, then the two ends are soldered back together. Making sure that the ring stays as true to original form as possible.

To size a ring up, the shank is cut and an additional section of matching gold, silver or platinum is soldered into the gap. The original quality of the ring does not diminish as all materials correspond.

Once a ring has cooled, the shank of the ring is polished until the join is indistinguishable.

By how much can you size a ring? Is there any rings that cannot be sized?

Most pieces can be altered to any desired size. However, the proportion to which a ring can be re-sized depends on the style and design.

As a basic rule, for any ring that holds a wide head; such as a half eternity or half hoop, decreasing or increasing the shank is limited to 3 UK sizes up or down. Altering the size any more than this will resort in distortion to the original shape.

Full eternity bands are more complex, generally jewellers will avoid re-sizing as it requires dismantling the ring and adding additional material including gemstones of the same quality, cut and weight. Carved bands hold a similar issue, it can be difficult to size these rings down due to mismatching the continuation of patterens.

Re-sizing any ring will depend on the confidence, quality and experience of the jeweller. Here at C2A our jeweller has over 40 years of experience in jewellery craftsmanship and can re-size even difficult rings. If your heart is set on a specific ring, contact us on social media, via email or phone call and we will talk you through the process and if re-sizing the ring possible.

Does sizing a ring reduce durability?

Not when sized correctly. Our professional opinion is to never size up a ring through ‘stretching’. This method is used by some jewellers as a cheap alternative to size up a ring. The shank is stretched, making it thinner and can ultimately weaken the ring. C2A always use the correct practices to resize rings and have had excellent results in doing so.

How long does resizing take?

The time taken to process re-sizing differs from jeweller to jeweller. We aim to resize your ring the same day as purchase and post the following working day. If any variations from this aim occur, the customer will be contacted immediately and informed fully.

Purchasing From C2A

Sizing couldn’t be easier, just contact us via social media, email or telephone. Tell us about the ring you are interested in and we can advise on resizing options.

From here we will post you a Multisizer (Figure 2), or you can send us a ring that already fits onto the desired finger and we will use that as a guide. 

We will then size the ring accordingly, by the work of our expert jeweller and send the ring back to you, fully insured, tracked and signed for.

At Chique to Antique we offer free resizing up to 3 UK sizes up or down, if you require larger adjustments than additional charges will apply subject to specifications.